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LifePaths Global Alliance is dedicated to helping communities in Haiti with economic development, accessible and consistent medical care and self-sufficiency job initiatives. Our vision is an entirely self-sufficient community in L’Estere, Haiti with our telemedicine clinic being the most integral project within the village. As a pioneer in the telemedicine field, LifePaths Global Alliance aims that L’Estere will be the model community and to duplicate the same programs throughout other 3rd world countries.

Elaine Knight, Founder

Sensory Technologies provides systems that gives Clinicians, Home-care Service Providers, Community Health Administrators, and Bedside Caregivers the ability to capture, track, access and collaborate around critical client care-centric data. Our solutions enable clinicians, management, and health administrators unprecedented access to real-time care data resulting in lower operational costs, reduced hospital readmission`s, increased system capacity, and true remote care-team integration.

Elaine Knight, Co-Founder

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